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The “Show Culture Some Love” campaign was launched by the PCS union (Public and Commercial Sector) and the CLIC (Creative and Leisure Industries Committee) of the Southern and Eastern Region of the TUC’s (SERTUC) at a conference on “The future of arts and culture.”

It’s main aims are to campaign for an end to the cuts in arts and culture budgets caused by the pro-austerity policies of the current government and to make the case for greater investment.

As part of this campaign, supporters are asked to contact the candidates standing as parliamentary candidates in the constituency in which they live to secure support for some pledges related to arts and culture.

The pledges are:


To protect and expand public funding for arts and culture


To make sure public funding for
arts and culture meets the condition of minimum standards of pay and employment


To ensure transparency of any sponsorship in arts and culture and to promote ethical policies in cultural institutions


To promote democratic accountability in publicly funded cultural bodies and investigate corporate interests present on governing bodies


To ensure the funding and promote the role of art education in society, including free access to education


To tackle inequalities of access to arts and culture and its funding and to develop a socially progressive arts policy

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